Marlborough Communications Limited (MCL) is a leading supplier of advanced electronic communications, information systems and signals intelligence technology to the defence and security sectors.

MCL utilises an unparalleled and ever-expanding international network of specialist technology providers, combined with its own bespoke design, engineering and integration skills, to deliver and support a diverse portfolio of C4IS and ISTAR capabilities that transform its customers’ ability to deliver effective operations.

The company’s specialist C4IS portfolio includes hearing protection, communication headsets and radio communication devices, while its ISTAR capabilities include signals intelligence and electronic warfare systems, and UAV and counter-UAV technologies. The 30-strong company supplies high-profile customers - including the UK MOD, government departments, and prime defence contractors - and is adept at identifying the latest technologies and capabilities to suit the unique demands of each customer it works with.

Founded in 1980 and based in Surrey, UK, MCL has nearly 40 years’ experience in providing fundamental support the UK’s ISTAR programmes and was recognised as a contributor to the Ministerial Awards to the Force Protection Electronic Countermeasures and Integration Team in 2009. It was awarded Design Approved Organization Scheme (DAOS) accreditation from the Military Aviation Authority in 2018, enabling it to design equipment for UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) aircraft.

MCL is led by Managing Director Shane Knight and has been part of the Cohort plc group since 2014.

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for secure voice and data communications in dismounted, vehicular, fixed, deployable operations.

to prevent exposure of soldiers, sailors and aircrew to damaging noise whilst maintaining situational awareness and communications.

to detect, collect, process and store electronic signals and provide situational awareness of the electronic battlespace.

for increased dismounted situational awareness across a range of tactical and special operations.

Combat Systems


to disrupt and neutralise UAVs engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity.

for secure voice and data exchange within squad teams and higher echelons.