Our capabilities and customer relationships all ultimately derive from our people. Across the Cohort Group, our people can make a difference, fulfil their potential, develop their careers, and be rewarded for what they do.

All our subsidiaries are agile partnerships, delivering innovation that is truly mission critical. Our people provide independent, results-driven action, and in delivering this service, our people play a major role in the security of nations.

We recognise that success hinges on the attitudes and behaviours of our people. We create a climate and culture that encourages them to deliver outstanding performance for our customers, operating with uncompromising ethics. We encourage our people to role model our brand values that capture and articulate the spirit of the Group.

We are committed to making all of our businesses stimulating places to work with all of the benefits of a small, agile company but with the interesting and engaging work opportunities of a large company. We employ large numbers of highly qualified engineers, mathematicians and scientists and work at the highest level of strategic capability committed to responding to our customers’ needs. The depth of expertise and passion for defence and security of our people makes the critical difference for our customers. We constantly encourage them to think and do things differently, and to strive for innovative ways to create real value.

We want our people to stay with us for the long-term, so we invest in them through training, employee benefits, and by encouraging everyone to achieve a positive work-life balance. Engaging and developing our work force to help them achieve their full potential and investing in training to develop the next generation is vital to maintain the capabilities we need to deliver our strategy successfully and remain competitive.

Our leadership programmes are designed to equip our current and future leaders to adapt their leadership styles and approaches to effectively respond to the business strategic priorities and drive performance in a highly competitive and ever-changing environment. Our Alumni programme ensures networks across the group are maintained and collaboration across subsidiaries encouraged.

We also invest time and money to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities to motivate and inspire the next generation of young scientists and engineers.

Every year we recognise the great achievements of teams and individuals across the Group through the Cohort Business Excellence Awards. Nominees consistently demonstrate overwhelmingly how they have 'played their part', many in a way that has had a real impact on national security. We recognise and reward our people for taking the initiative to think differently and deliver solutions that really benefit our customers and improve the way we work.

To ensure that we attract and retain the best and brightest people we provide our people with a competitive reward package which reflects their individual job responsibilities and contribution to business performance. We recognise and celebrate individual and team successes, provide learning and career progression opportunities, and offer a range of benefits (including Cohort plc share schemes) as part of a total package, which rewards employees fairly and competitively for the job they do.

Our values

Our brand values describe the culture within the group and act as our guiding principles, improving how we work together and driving our focus on understanding the needs of our customers and creating innovative technology and delivering services to support them.

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We believe in

Playing our part

We dedicate our expertise to advancing defence technology. It is our contribution to national interest and security, protecting people and keeping them safe. It is our way of making a difference.

We work at the highest levels of strategic capability and take great pride in our collective expertise. We operate with uncompromising ethics and offer up our talent and resources for the greater good of nations.

We believe in

Being results driven

We are an agile group of smart thinkers, with the ability to create solutions and the tenacity to see things through. If we say we’ll do something, then we’ll do it.

We’re interested, committed and personally invested in purposeful technology that delivers and makes good commercial sense.

We believe in

Independent thinking

Small teams do big things when they have the autonomy to think and to see the bigger picture. When they’re given the space and encouragement to explore, free of unnecessary process.

Independent thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit help us inspire each other to find better ways of working and create the conditions for new ideas to unfold. It’s how we come to better understand the challenges before us and adapt swiftly to reach the most effective solution.

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