SEA delivers products and services into the defence and transport markets alongside performing specialist research and providing services, including training and product support. 

In the maritime domain, SEA’s engineering capabilities cover a wide range of maritime mission systems requirements, including communications, torpedo and decoy launching systems, sonar systems, infrastructure and training.  

Using its systems engineering skills, combined with in-depth knowledge and understanding of dismounted soldier operations, SEA provides independent advice and research into future dismounted soldier systems and applications. 

With award-winning expertise in signal processing and software engineering, SEA delivers complex data management solutions alongside automated traffic enforcement systems to UK Government and export customers in the transport domain. 

The activities of the company are underpinned by strong project management and enabled through dedicated production and support teams. 

SEA was founded in 1987 and joined the Cohort Group in 2007. SEA is located in the UK in Somerset, Bristol and Devon, and is led by Managing Director Richard Flitton. 

OUR Markets

Combat Systems

Mission Systems

providing flexible, scalable, modular, ASW for surface ships and submarines.

Autonomous Systems

providing long-range, long-endurance autonomous submarine hunting capability.

Weapons Launch Systems

to facilitate the weapons handling and launch of a range of weapon types in multiple configurations to suit differing naval platforms.

Decoy Deployment Systems

to launch a range of softkill protection options on naval platforms providing a rapid response to threats enabling an effective countermeasure response.


Naval Communication Systems

providing internal and external surface ship and submarine secure voice and data exchange in an open systems environment.

Transducers and Hydrophones

from single element acoustic sensors, transducers and hydrophones to entire arrays, and bespoke design to technology insertion.

Surveillance Systems

from active and passive sonar arrays to integrated suites used to detect, track, analyse and classify hostile underwater and surface targets from surface ships and submarines.

Measurement Systems

to accurately monitor depth and Speed on surface vessels and submarines.

Underwater Communications

to enable fast exchange of tactical, operational and navigation data with submarines at speed and depth, and voice communications in emergency situations.

Training & Simulation

Operator and Maintainer Immersive Training

providing rapidly deployable Synthetic Environment and Synthetic Equipment training solutions, focussed around the training of complex or risk-intensive procedures and simulation interoperability.

Research, Advice & Support

Research Integrator Lead

to manage a mixed industry, specialist Subject Matter Expert and academia team conducting specialist research work.

Subject Matter Expertise

operating across a wide range of disciplines, combining domain knowledge with technical understanding, whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and doctrine.

Technical and Doctrinal Support

to provide requirement definition and acceptance, System of Systems Architectures (SOSA), tender compilation and assessment support to Defence Capability, Acquisition and Support areas.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Traffic and Parking Enforcement Systems

for monitoring and enforcement of civil and criminal traffic order infringements on roads with parking or other access or use restrictions and at railway level crossings.

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