SEA is a major supplier of solutions for the defence, transport and offshore energy markets alongside performing specialist research and delivering services include training and product support. 

In the Maritime domain, its engineering capabilities cover a wide range of Maritime Missions Systems requirements, including communications, Torpedo and Decoy launching systems, Sonar systems, Infrastructure and Training. 

In the Land domain, it uses it systems engineering skills, combined with its knowledge and understanding of the operations of dismounted soldiers to provide independent advice and perform research into future dismounted soldier systems and applications. In the transport domain, it uses its skills in signal processing and software engineering to deliver complex data management solutions alongside automated traffic enforcement systems. All of its activities are underpinned by strong project management and supported by production and support teams. 

SEA is complimenting its strong position in its home market by growing its business overseas. SEA was founded in 1959 and joined the Cohort group in 2007.They are located in the UK in Somerset, Bristol ,Devon and Aberdeenshire, and led by Managing Director Steve Hill.

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OUR Markets

Combat Systems


for small naval platforms, integrating decoy and torpedo launcher systems with miniaturised thin line towed array sonar systems.

for a range of weapon types, in multiple configurations to suit differing naval platforms.

to facilitate the storage and transportation of various weapons on naval vessels.

providing a range of softkill protection on naval platforms.

to deliver and manage the concepts and equipment that contribute to DCC capability, combining technical and military expertise.



for internal and external surface ship and submarine secure voice and data communications, formal messaging and underwater communications.

from single element acoustic sensors, transducers and hydrophones to entire arrays, and bespoke design to technology insertion.

Training & Simulation


for complex or risk-intensive procedures providing high fidelity immersive operator and maintainer training scenarios in a synthetic environment.

for modelling and operational simulation of EW and Naval Engagement.

Research, Advice & Support


to a mixed industry, specialist Subject Matter Expert and academia team conducting specialist research work.

for Defence Capability, Acquisition and Support such as requirement definition & acceptance, systems architectures, tender compilation & assessment support.

Intelligent Transport Systems


for monitoring and enforcement of civil and criminal traffic order infringements on roads with parking or other access or use restrictions.

Information Systems used to order, plan and manage the delivery of heavy materials and specific train types by rail or road.

Subsea Engineering


to deliver power and control information from shore to energy conversion devices.

to connect power and control from offshore devices to surface and shore.

to extend the field-life of marginal offshore oil and gas field developments.

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