MASS provides electronic warfare operational support, cyber security, information management, digital forensics and training support to military operations, serving customers primarily in defence and security markets.

The company delivers tailored, integrated solutions that are critical to customers’ operational advantage. An intrinsic expertise in data management, system engineering and project management enables delivery of through-life capability in the form of high technology solutions, training and trusted managed services, underpinned by a contract research and development capability.

MASS's core skill is enabling its customers to convert their data, often of vast quantities, into information for operational and strategic application. 

MASS was established in 1983 and joined the Cohort Group as a founder member in 2006. The company headquarters are based in Cambridgeshire and the Electronic Warfare Training Academy in Lincolnshire. MASS is led by its Managing Director Chris Stanley.

our Markets

Combat Systems

Electronic Warfare Operational Support Services

to manage, process and store complex platform, sensor and weapon system data in a single source, supporting intercept analysis, EOB production and mission planning.

Countermeasures Development

using modelling and simulation tools to significantly reduce the time, risk and cost of producing operational countermeasures.


Mission Data Management

to collect, manage, analyse and exploit complex data sets from EW systems to enhance operational effectiveness.

Specialist Software Toolsets

designed by EW operators for EW operators to enhance capability.

Expert Manpower Provision

to allow customers to source professional, technical and experienced staff to support EW growth.

Digital Services

Information Assurance Services

to assure information risks that are related to the use, processing, storage, and transmission of data, as well as to the relevant systems and processes.

Managed Services

delivering digital criminal investigation evidential data quickly and accurately to law enforcement agencies.

Training & Simulation

Intelligence, EW, Cyber and ASW Training

to improve the performance of personnel and organisations through tailored programmes. 

Strategic Analysis, Education, Decision-Making Exercises

in support of national and international organisations, both within and beyond the defence and security sectors.

Operational HQ Exercise Support

to deliver collective and decision-making exercises at higher levels of command in military and civilian organisation that underpins long-term risk mitigation and organisational performance improvements.

Individual and Team Training

offering a bespoke end-to-end service to maximise operational capability, as well as the operational effectiveness and preparedness of people, equipment and organisations.   

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