for secure voice and data communications in dismounted, vehicular, fixed, deployable operations.

for internal and external surface ship and submarine secure voice and data communications, formal messaging and underwater communications.

to prevent exposure of soldiers, sailors and aircrew to damaging noise whilst maintaining situational awareness and communications.

Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance

for passive surveillance and target identification in a range of deployable, mobile, and fixed configurations in land and naval operational scenarios and tactical applications.

for EO and radar surveillance turntable systems.

to detect, collect, process and store electronic signals and provide situational awareness of the electronic battlespace.

from single element acoustic sensors, transducers and hydrophones to entire arrays, and bespoke design to technology insertion.

for increased dismounted situational awareness across a range of tactical and special operations.

Target acquisition

for detecting, processing and targeting threats in harsh environments on land, at sea and in the air.

to detect, acquire, track, identify and engage air, surface and shore-based targets.

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