Communications and Information Systems

for secure voice and data exchange in dismounted, vehicular, fixed, deployable and sea based operations.

providing internal and external surface ship and submarine secure voice and data exchange in an open systems environment.

to prevent exposure of soldiers, sailors and aircrew to damaging noise whilst maintaining situational awareness and communications.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

for land, air defence, naval and security applications in a range of deployable, mobile and fixed configurations.

which can be modified, tailored, fully customised and embedded into OEM's integrated solutions.

for increased dismounted situational awareness across a range of tactical and special operations.

to detect, track and disrupt UAVs engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity.

utilising hardware and real-time software for detecting, processing and targeting threats in harsh environments on land, at sea and in the air.

Electronic Warfare

to detect, collect, process and store electronic signals and provide situational awareness of the electronic battlespace.

to collect, manage, analyse and exploit complex data sets from EW systems to enhance operational effectiveness.

designed by EW operators for EW operators to enhance capability.

to allow customers to source professional, technical and experienced staff to support EW growth.


from single element acoustic sensors, transducers and hydrophones to entire arrays, and bespoke design to technology insertion.

from active and passive sonar arrays to integrated suites used to detect, track, analyse and classify hostile underwater and surface targets from surface ships and submarines.

to provide high-performance detection of mines and objects in the water column, below the surface and on the seafloor with sufficient range to avoid hazardous outcomes.

to accurately monitor depth and Speed on surface vessels and submarines.

to enable fast exchange of tactical, operational and navigation data with submarines at speed and depth, and voice communications in emergency situations.

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