Anti submarine warfare

for small naval platforms, integrating decoy and torpedo launcher systems with miniaturised thin line towed array sonar systems.

for a range of weapon types, in multiple configurations to suit differing naval platforms.

to facilitate the storage and transportation of various weapons on naval vessels.

Platform & force protection

to manage, process and store complex platform, sensor and weapon system data in a single source, supporting intercept analysis, EOB production and mission planning.

providing a range of softkill protection on naval platforms.

to disrupt and neutralise UAVs engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity.

to detect, acquire, track, identify and engage air, surface and shore-based targets.

Dismounted close combat

to deliver and manage the concepts and equipment that contribute to DCC capability, combining technical and military expertise.

for secure voice and data exchange within squad teams and higher echelons.

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