We create solutions to keep people safe. Acting with agility to find a better way, make smart decisions and meet customers’ needs. Where independent subsidiaries are free to grow and deepen relationships with the support of a steady hand. Bringing the expertise of the Group to the ingenuity of our businesses. To deliver purposeful innovation that protects us all.

Engagement Principles

Our engagement principles show what our customers and stakeholders can expect from us when they come to the Cohort group for support. 

  • We hold innovation at our core

    Breaking new ground reverberates through the core of our business. It’s fundamental, constant and a critical resource for our customers. We dedicate the equivalent of over 50% of our profits to innovation and we employ and develop the best minds in the business to stay at the forefront of defence and security technology solutions. 
  • We nurture agile partnerships

    Direct access to specialist expertise, underpinned by deep operational experience. With short decision-making chains, managed risk and a culture of openness and support, we’re easy to do business with. 
  • We commit to mission critical effectiveness

    We’re committed to developing purposeful technology that is driven by our customers and their agenda. Inspired and motivated by solving real problems, we move quickly and act effectively.

Our values

Our brand values describe the culture within the group and act as our guiding principles, improving how we work together and driving our focus on understanding the needs of our customers and creating innovative technology and delivering services to support them.

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