Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to maintaining appropriate standards of corporate governance and managing the Group in a flexible and effective manner.

As an AIM listed company, Cohort plc is not required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code). Nevertheless, the Board fully supports the principles set out in the Code and seeks to comply wherever this is appropriate for its size and complexity.

Details of how the Group complies with the 2018 Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code for Small and Midsized Quoted Companies (the QCA Code) are set out on our QCA Compliance page. The full text of the Board’s Corporate Governance report can be found in the latest Annual Report and Accounts.

Cohort plc and its subsidiaries (the Group) are committed to high standards of ethical conduct towards customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, government and the wider society. This is enshrined in our Corporate Business Ethics Policy which is available to download here.

Our modern slavery statement and details regarding its preparation can be found here.

Corporate governance information last reviewed: August 2023

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