SEA wins further city of Cardiff Council order for Roadflow Camera Technology

Published 20th December 2016

Cohort plc business and road technology specialists SEA have been awarded a further contract by the City of Cardiff Council to help the Welsh capital to reduce the congestion impact of traffic growth.

SEA’s ROADflow technology will be used to provide nearly 30 road traffic camera systems to enforce yellow box-junctions and bus lane regulations. The order for Flexi and Motion roadside cameras, plus Vision vehicles, is one of ROADflow’s largest ever.

Following the latest order, Cardiff will double the number of bus lane cameras to about 20 and deploy a further five yellow box-junction cameras. There will also be an option for the SEA technology to be deployed to several other junctions. The Council hopes that its Moving Traffic Offences scheme will help persuade more commuters to switch from cars to buses.

SEA’s ROADflow Motion provides sophisticated monitoring of yellow box junctions and enforcement elsewhere, as it tracks vehicles continuously through junctions. The cameras use an in-house rules engine software component which categorises vehicle movements and allows detection of specific behaviours. The engine was developed to tolerate losing sight of vehicles for short times, which often occurs during heavy congestion. The resulting system achieves high detection rates under all conditions, whilst minimising incorrect captures.

Matt Wakelam, Cardiff Council’s Operational Manager says:

“There’s no issue with ANPR cameras for bus lane enforcement. However, with more possible scenarios at yellow boxes, SEA’s technology gives a better global view.”

SEA’s Business Manager Chris Williss adds:

“This is a further significant success for our ROADflow technology. As well as equipment, we will be providing comprehensive support for improved reliability and asset availability.”