SEA introduces major update to NSIPS database, Griffin, to digitise impact assessment

Published 23rd October 2018

Development of electronic Automated Change Impact Assessment Process (eCIAP) will streamline naval system procurement and generate time and cost efficiencies for MoD

SEA has introduced the largest upgrade to date of the Naval Systems Integration Process Service (NSIPS) database Griffin, which will simplify and speed up the process for naval vessel updates.

SEA manages the accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-use NSIPS database, which it initially built on behalf of the MoD. Developed by SEA, the new eCIAP system replaces the previous paper-based process for impact assessments when proposals are made to install new or updated technology systems, such as radar and sonar, onto surface and sub-surface vessels.

Under eCIAP all relevant details are hosted online and all communication with stakeholders, including the engineering firms who will ultimately manufacture and install the systems if approved, is conducted through the portal.

Automatic email notifications are sent from Griffin alerting stakeholders to any actions required to progress the eCIAP, as well providing reminders for impending deadlines. Users also have the ability to view and upload related documents such as the safety case, security accreditation and test reports.

Peter Rhodes, Project Manager at SEA, said:

“The previous system was often time consuming for all stakeholders, including the engineering firms whose systems are potentially to be manufactured and installed. The aim of the digitised process is to reduce the time taken to administer and approve an assessment - making it easier for stakeholders to keep track of progress and action their requirements, and ultimately delivering time and cost efficiencies for the MoD. Both the NSIPS and software teams at SEA have worked tirelessly since the start of this year to ensure that the project, commissioned by the MoD, was tested and completed. We’re proud to have been able to deliver this innovative project which will transform the process for upgrading vessels.”

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