SEA applies remote underwater technology to subsea control module

Published 5th September 2017

Cohort company SEA has developed a configuration of its Subsea Electronic Module (SEM) using batteries and acoustic communications to provide a standalone package suitable for interrogation by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) flyby.

The power and communications configurations for the package use technology previously used and proven by SEA on similar applications. The simplicity of integrating a range of sensors and power sources shows the flexibility of using a plug and play approach in the initial design of the SEM.

SEA’s Subsea Control Module (SCM), including a Subsea Electronic Module (SEM) and Master Control Station (MCS), provides a new low cost and short lead-time module designed to extend the life of marginal developments and late-life fields in the oil and gas sector.

Through the use of standard plug and play components, various elements of the controls system can be used across a range of subsea applications, which include standalone control and monitoring for small pools applications where price, performance, standardisation, and re-use are becoming key factors.

It is designed to bring a new dimension to combatting obsolescence as pressure mounts to extract more life from existing equipment, particularly in the reducing North Sea sector.

Further benefits of the SEA system include a high level of configurability while maintaining reduced complexity by using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware where available. Recent work in decommissioning has also highlighted a need for pre-abandonment monitoring systems.

SEA Subsea Engineering Director Matt Blair said:

“Our SCM lends itself to the demand for more efficient use of North Sea oil and gas resources. By combining the latest automated inspection technology, we have further strengthened the attractiveness of a solution that addresses a major challenge in the oil and gas sector, particularly in the North Sea.”

SEA will be exhibiting at Offshore Europe in the Scottish Pavilion on Stand 2C59.