SEA achieves factory acceptance of weapons systems for leading naval force in South East Asia

Published 21st March 2017

Cohort company SEA has achieved factory acceptance for its initial sets of torpedo launcher systems (TLS) and weapons handling systems for a new class of Combatant Ships under construction in South East Asia.

Having completed acceptance of the first TLS at its factory in Devon, SEA worked with Kuala Lumpur-based project engineering managers Budi Axis Sdn Bhd to achieve acceptance of the first weapons handling system in country.

All six sets of handling systems will be manufactured in Malaysia under the joint auspices of SEA and Budi Axis, while production of the system electronics will also be progressively manufactured in Malaysia over the six ship sets.

The torpedo launchers will comprise a pair of triple configuration, composite tubes mounted just aft of midships on the 111m ships. They are compatible with all lightweight NATO standard-sized torpedoes.

The electronics suite provides calculation of a fire control solution predicting target position from the sonar and ship’s data.

SEA Launcher Business Manager, Eric Abretti says flexibility is a key aspect of the TLS. He adds:

“The modular nature of the system means that by utilising a common tube selection panel as part of the combat management system the fire control electronics can be adapted to interface with the ship’s decoy launchers as well as the TLS.”

SEA has a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supporting the Royal Navy’s MoD torpedo launch system fitted to its Type 23 frigates, while the Royal Thai Navy is also among its previous customers.

The SEA weapons handling system in the ship’s magazine facilitates the storage of lightweight torpedoes, depth charges and air launched missiles in shock mounted racking and transports them via trolleys to on-deck launchers or the helicopter hangar.

Again, the proven design is based on several years of experience with the UK Royal Navy, also through Type 23 frigates, however, it is the first system design and manufacture that SEA has supplied for export.

SEA will be exhibiting on Stand HD168 within the UK Pavilion of the Maritime Hall at LIMA ‘17