MCL Launches Innovative Canine Camera System at DSEI

Published 10th September 2019

Marlborough Communications Limited (MCL) has expanded its surveillance offering with the addition of the innovative new TM-K9 canine camera and video transmitter system, launching at DSEI 2019. Based on three generations of technological evolution, the TM-K9 system is a tactical modular solution with high definition (HD) and thermal camera capability.

Mounted on to the back of a canine, the TM-K9 solution can operate in non-line of sight scenarios and offers a range of up to 500m in the most cluttered of radio frequency (RF) environments. The innovative new capability provides a video link from the canine back to its handler and provides a function for the handler to deliver directions to the canine based on the live video feed. 

The camera is housed within a robust enclosure and mounted on a spring loaded arm, meaning the canine can travel at speed through confined spaces without causing damage to the system. The TM-K9 system is complemented by the TM-RX fully portable digital receiver, which offers a three-hour battery power supply. Shane Knight, Managing Director at MCL said,

“We’re delighted to be the sole UK supplier of the latest generation of canine camera and video technology. In direct response to customer demands, the rugged digital receiver is radio channel configurable to meet requirements for RF flexibility, making the system ideal for use in tactical operations.
“Military dogs offer a huge support in combat environments and this technology will provide vital live stream intelligence to forces on the ground.”

The TM-RX can also be used as part of a digital mesh radio network, allowing encoded video to be exchanged and shared between several camera nodes simultaneously, as well as record the footage to a memory card.
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