MASS selected for digital forensics service

Published 26th January 2017

Cohort, the independent technology group, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary MASS has been selected to deliver the Metropolitan Police Service’s ('MPS') digital forensics managed service. Confirmation of the final contract terms will now take place and signing of the contract will be subject to this reaching a successful conclusion.

The contract is expected to have a seven-year duration and a value (relating to the services delivered to the MPS) of approximately £15m, with the option to extend for a further three years. The contract is available to other police forces within the UK, which provides the possibility to increase the contract value during the 7+3 year term to a national potential value of approximately £230m.

Andy Thomis, Chief Executive of Cohort, said:

"This is an encouraging development; it is a new area of work for MASS but one that is well-suited to its existing capabilities in managed services and cyber security. The service will be a key enabler for the Metropolitan Police in its drive to transform the way it delivers policing in all of the London communities it serves.

We will engage constructively with the MPS with the aim of agreeing an enduring partnership. We are also working on opportunities with other police forces in the UK and beyond where we can offer a similarly effective and efficient service, in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Forensics Services, Digital, Cyber and Communications Forensic Unit.”

This announcement contains inside information.