JSK committed to Canadian content in surface combatant programme

Published 25th May 2017

Cohort company SEA, a joint venture partner in Canadian-based naval specialists JSK Naval Support, has passed significant milestones in supplying its torpedo launcher systems (TLS) for two classes of combatant ships being built at separate locations in South East Asia.

One project involves SEA working with Kuala Lumpur-based project engineering managers Budi Axis Sdn Bhd to supply the TLS and weapons handling systems.

Factory acceptance has been achieved for both the TLS and weapon handling system with the TLS comprising a pair of triple configuration, composite tubes mounted just aft of midships on the 111m ships. They are compatible with all lightweight NATO standard-sized torpedoes.

All six sets of weapons handling systems will be manufactured in Malaysia while production of the system electronics will also be progressively manufactured in Malaysia over the six ship sets.

SEA’s international pedigree has been further underlined in another TLS programme for ships under build for another South East Asian country where the system also achieved factory acceptance in May this year. The system for a new design of frigate is made up of two triple trainable launchers, one port and one starboard, with full electronics suite.

It is configurable for various NATO standard weapons but is also being delivered with the capability to fire a US Navy Mk54 torpedo utilising a USN torpedo pre-setter.

In Canada, SEA has utilised its international experience to work with ship support company – Kaycom - as part of the Joint Venture JSK. Headquartered in Point Claire, Quebec, JSK is dedicated to assisting the Royal Canadian Navy optimize existing and future fleet requirements including supplying TLS and decoy launcher systems.

JSK President, Brian March says

“the experience of JSK’s partner – SEA - in developing customer incountry manufacturing expertise and support for its systems, will enable JSK to provide valuable Canadian content value into the RCN’s programme for a new surface combatant to replace the Iroquois-class destroyers and Halifax-class frigates”.

He explained:

“SEA’s experience in transferring technology and investing in in-country manufacturing and support capability is consistent with the aim of maximizing Canadian content for the new Class of combatant. JSK systems will be manufactured almost entirely in Canada, providing experience and expertise that could also subsequently form the basis for additional export work”.

In addition, SEA has a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supporting the UK Royal Navy’s MoD TLS and decoy launchers fitted to its Type 23 frigates, along with supplying the common External Communication System (cECS) used by the UKRN’s major submarines, including the new Astute Class.

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