EID representatives bestowed with prestigious Portuguese Navy award

Published 29th November 2017

On November 27, at the Armed Forces facilities, Managing Director, Engineer António Sérgio Marcos Lopes, and Director of the Business Unit for Naval Communications, Engineer Manuel Matos Luís were bestowed with a Military Medal for the Naval Cross 1st Class.

In the awarding of this distinction, His Excellency the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Silva Ribeiro, reports that Engineer António Marcos Lopes served in the Portuguese Navy between 1978 and 1981 and drafted successful projects in which he participated, over more than 35 years of professional activity at EID. He highlights the development of Integrated Communications Control Systems (ICCS), which are now installed in all naval units of the Portuguese Navy. He also emphasized that "the intervention and leadership of Engineer António Marcos Lopes took a leading role in the conquest of new markets in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania, creating for example the foundations for the recent agreement between Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal for the supply of ICCS by EID to the navies of these countries, all benefiting from the inherent scale effect".

He concludes by saying:

"Under these conditions, it is my great duty to publicly testify to my recognition of the activity carried out by Engineer António Marcos Lopes, stressing his competence and sensitivity to the public cause, importance in the development and national progress and also for the Navy's action, circumstances which lead me, under the terms of the Law, to grant him the Military Medal of the First Class Naval Cross."

In the same dispatch, Admiral Silva Ribeiro also attributes this distinction to Engineer Manuel Matos Luís, enumerating the vast set of projects he led in the communications systems for ships, both for the Portuguese Navy and other navies. He highlights "his permanent desire to do well, always seeking to find the most appropriate solutions. The credibility of the action of Eng. Matos Luís, as well as his promptness and total availability to respond in time to the innumerable requests of the Navy, has contributed to the excellent institutional relations between the Navy and EID, which have lasted for more than 35 years”. He concluded by stating that "in these circumstances, it is my great duty to give public testimony of the recognition of the Navy by the activity developed by Engineer Manuel Matos Luís in favour of the cause of the Sea and his detachment of material goods in favour of the collective, with direct benefit to the performance of the mission of the Navy ships, circumstances that lead me to grant him, under the terms of the Law, the Military Medal of the 1st Class Naval Cross."

EID and its shareholders rejoice in the recognition, at the highest level, of the excellence of the services that the company has been providing to the Portuguese Navy over the years, giving two of its managers such an honourable distinction that, of course, extends to all employees. It is a historical landmark, as it is unprecedented, which is intended to be a legacy that will make future generations proud and motivated.

The Military Medal of the Naval Cross is awarded to military and civilians, national or foreign, who in the technical-professional scope, reveal competence, performance and personal qualities that contribute in a relevant way to the efficiency, prestige and fulfilment of the mission of the Portuguese Navy.