EID Launches TWH Soldier Radio with Extended Range

Published 10th September 2019

Portuguese military communications company EID has launched the TWH-110 series soldier radio, the latest and upgraded version of its widely adopted TWH-100 series which provides secure and reliable communications to all front-line soldiers across a range of tactical scenarios.

This latest version, introduced at DSEI 2019, features a 400MHz frequency band and higher radio frequency (RF) power, which combine to provide an extended range of up to 4 kilometres in open field.

The TWH radios are designed to provide secure and reliable voice and data communications for squad teams and commanders and deliver high performance, even in harsh conditions for dismounted, vehicular, naval and amphibious operations. 

As standard across EID’s TWH-100 series, the new TWH-110 series also offer full duplex audio conference with simultaneous data capability, and multiple PPT keys for differentiated access such as squad/platoon soldier groups and tactical radios (handheld, manpack, as well as vehicle or fast patrol boat mounted radios).  

The radios also provide functionality for stereo operation (right and left separation), VOX, whisper mode, automatic network management for transparent and simple operation and a wide range of accessories is available such as portable and vehicular gateways, headsets, wireless PTT, battery packs and chargers (vehicular and solar).

EID’s TWH radios feature an advanced networking waveform with multi-hop capability for enhanced tactical area coverage, providing network agility (ad-hoc/MANET) and reduced network latency. It also enables the integration of several types of sensors, provides accurate geospatial location with automatic forward positioning for integration into Blue Force Tracking (BFT) and Battle Management System (BMS).  EID Managing Director António Marcos Lopes said:

“The upgraded TWH-110 radios builds on our customer’s extensive experience with TWH-100 radio series. The new radio series has been designed to give users enhanced performance with a range of up to 4 kilometres, providing even greater performance in demanding land and naval operations.” 
“This radio can be easily integrated with a wide range of tactical network based equipment and systems.”

For more information on EID, visit: www.eid.pt