EID awarded HF System Supply Contract

Published 27th October 2016

Cohort company EID was awarded a contract of around 2 million euros for the supply and installation of a HF system for the Oceanic Control Centre of Santa Maria, Azores. Such system, to be operated by NAV Portugal E.P.E., will support the HF communications of the Santa Maria Regional Oceanic Control Centre and aircrafts cruising the vast Santa Maria Flight Information Region (Oceanic). It will also support the HF communications between this Centre and the Centres of adjacent Flight Information Regions.

System deployment is planned for October 2017.

José Pesqueira Mendes, Marketing & Sales manager of EID stated:

“This contract is a consequence of EID’s solid and well-known reputation in the delivery of complex, turnkey systems, requiring high levels of integration and engineering skills. In addition, we are also proud to add NAV to our list of distinguished customers."