DSEI 2019: Showcasing Cohort’s collaborative Group approach

Published 5th September 2019

Andy Thomis, Chief Executive of Cohort plc starts a blog series discussing key topics in the defence and security sectors, and the role of agile SMEs in meeting these challenges.

In the process of preparing for what promises to be a fantastic DSEI 2019, the individual businesses within the Cohort Group - Chess Dynamics, EID, MASS, MCL and SEA - came together at an event to discuss with industry media their very latest advanced technologies aimed at providing defence organisations with the capability to meet existing and emerging military challenges.

It gave us the opportunity to talk about our collaborative Group approach - a theme which I explored in an in-depth interview at the event with Shephard Media for its Weekly Defence Podcast, and I was proud to witness how our Group businesses can achieve greater things and deliver more benefit to our customers than we might do individually.

We are looking forward to illustrating this to wider defence industry over the coming days at DSEI, where we’ll be showcasing our combined capabilities over two stands focused on our Maritime and Land capabilities.

Our Maritime Stand (S8 120) will specifically focus on how as a Group we can enhance the performance of smaller vessels (OPVs) and provide smaller navies with top-tier capabilities. These building blocks offer affordable enhancements, from simple underwater towed sonar arrays through to incorporating electro-optical (EO) situational awareness above the water, integrated on-ship and external communications systems, complemented by fire control systems and weaponised platforms as required.  

SEA will be launching a range of new solutions and services aimed at boosting anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability. This includes a tailorable ASW Training Service to provide a cost-effective solution for navies of all sizes, and an autonomous anti-submarine surveillance system which integrates with its widely adopted KraitArray platform. It will also introduce a Trainable Decoy Launcher System, to counter the threat posed by hypersonic and multimode seeker heads, which was developed with support by Cohort companies Chess and MASS.

In a seminar talk on Thursday 12th September at 14:30 in the Naval Zone South Theatre, Chris Tucker, Principal Electronics Engineer at SEA will be exploring the technological developments behind the latest compact acoustic sensing systems available today. 

In a separate presentation, Dr Mike Green, Naval Systems Manager at Chess Dynamics will explore how asymmetric threats, in the form of UAV technology, are threatening conventional naval security systems, and how next generation defence capabilities – including Chess’s Sea Eagle platform which will be on display on our maritime stand – are being developed to counter them. Mike will be presenting this in the Naval Zone, South Theatre on Wednesday 11 September at 12:00.

Our Land Stands (S6 220 and Outdoor Area OD18) will highlight the introduction of the latest capabilities from the Group spanning C4ISTAR and combat systems. This will focus on advanced technologies and expertise which deliver quality and value to defence customers around the globe.

EID will be launching two new C4ISTAR capabilities which enhance widely adopted existing platforms across both intercom and radio. This includes the ICC-401, a radio-agnostic and fully IP vehicular intercom system which meets the new NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) standard, and the TWH-110 Radio - compact, cost effective transceiver with upgraded 400MHz frequency to enable extended range of up to four kilometres.

MCL, which has supply relationships with some of the most innovative defence technology companies from around the world, will be introducing two new technologies that will be available to the UK MoD. A first-of-its-kind intercom system from Invisio provides a highly mobile or fixed solution and is compatible with single or multiple radios, smart devices, mobility ICS systems. Separately, it will introduce the TM-K9 system - a third-generation tactical modular canine-specific camera and video transmitter solution. 

MASS, a predominantly consultancy-led business, will be providing updates on a series of major projects spanning operational training and cyber risk and resilience assessments.  These include providing support to Operation ATALANTA – a counter-piracy mission, and the cyber guidance it provides to senior management within the commercial sector, based on its rich military expertise.

Chess Dynamics will launch its new modular approach to its Hawkeye land systems to enhance surveillance capability and provide fixed and mobile flexibility to armies. This includes a Modular Integrated Vehicle System (MIPS) which is capable of mounting a range of surveillance and target acquisition payloads to a vehicle, and an ISO container-based solution where a habitable and protective space for the soldier is required. These solutions will be available for demonstration in the outdoor area at OD18.

These modular solutions will also be the focus of a presentation by David Eldridge, Sales Director at Chess in the Land Zone, East Theatre on Wednesday 11th September at 13:00. Here David will explore the need for flexibility and agility in land-based operations and how modular capabilities are enabling armies to maximise their resources. 

At DSEI 2019, you’ll be able to see how the innovative technologies of our five agile SME businesses come together to provide robust capabilities for our customers. We look forward to seeing you there.