Cohort plc - 2014 Business Excellence Awards

Published 19th November 2014

The Cohort plc Business Excellence Awards lunch was held on 12th November, with the Gold Award going to the SEA team responsible for the Delivering Dismounted Effect research programme at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

They have consistently impressed the customer, and the DSTL Programme Manager has commented:

"They have gone above and beyond what I have seen in any other commercial contract."

The team members are:

  • Barrie Horton
  • Catherine Brogan
  • George Christenson
  • Giles Verwey
  • Laurence Bedford
  • Rob Marshall.

Silver Awards went to:

  • Malcolm Cargen at SCS, for an outstanding personal achievement as technical lead supporting the independent technical evaluation of the RAF's Air Seeker programme.
  • The Network Rail Operations Logistics (NROL) team at SEA, for restoring SEA's reputation with the customer by successfully delivering a highly challenging project.
    • The team members are: Andy Pryor, Chris Spencer, Ciaran Simmons, Darren Harvey, Paul Vincent and Rupert Davis.
  • Karl Williams at MASS, for developing an original and innovative approach, much of it in his own time, to solving a customer's problem and maintaining operational effectiveness on active military missions.

Bronze Awards went to:

  • Team Sentry at MASS, for its outstanding performance in delivering a new IT system and software to Northrop Grumman. Team members are: Aidan Johnson, Dan Hebert, Rick Pugh and Rob Bennett.
  • The Automated Sense and Warn team at SCS, which has made a significant contribution to the business over the past six years, with individuals spending lengthy periods supporting equipment in Afghanistan. The team includes Cliff Nolan, Ian Hoggan, Martin Toher and Shaun Harland-Jones.
  • The Roadflow customer support team at SEA, for their persistent effort in building customer relationships and securing repeat orders for the business. The team includes Anthony Buck, Ken Labinjo, Les Finnemore and Richard Collins.
  • Dave Burt and Paul Phillips at MCL, for carrying out a series of challenging tasks on naval surface and sub-surface platforms to the complete satisfaction of the customer.
  • Runners up included Mark Harbin (MCL), Andrea Soulsby (SCS), Darren Puckey (SEA) and Chris Tucker (SEA).

Andy Thomis, Cohort Chief Executive, said:

"All the success that we have in the group is ultimately the result of hard efforts by individuals doing challenging jobs well. I hope these awards serve to provide some recognition for some of our unsung heroes, as well as those who are clearly leading from the front."